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Arthur W. Szafranski


Arthur was a poet and a preacher. Having been an English College Graduate God used him mightily as he gave himself totally to his God and Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ!  Arthur was gifted as a bible teacher by his way of asking questions as the Lord Jesus did causing his students to think biblically comparing scripture with scripture.

Arthur was a wonderful family man who loved his wife and 5 girls. He was an affectionate man yet a "man's man" being an athlete from swimmer to tennis player to skier, and runner. He walked with God and ran as hard as he could in all he did. He even evangelized on the ski slope chair lift!

Arthur was an encourager to many spiritually in numerous ways such as having the members of our church preach publicly at a local city mission, or have others who attended teach in the local church. When he studied the word he read it over and over again digging into the Greek and Hebrew and then used commentaries plus listening to tapes of preachers from various Theological backgrounds.

Art would pray to not have any preconceived ideas of God's word. He prayed much and preached enlightened sermons and taught in an expository manner dealing with each verse literally for years not avoiding controversial topics, but encouraging open questions and thinking. He had a Holy boldness with great enthusiasm for the things of God coupled with a love for the Lord and faith and tenderness towards his church people. He enjoyed spending time in fellowship with family and the saints.

A man of integrity and hard work; yet he realized his shortcomings as Psalm 51 was one of his favorite Psalms. He thought "how great is our God with multiple attributes".

He was a man who saw the forest and the trees in life and God's word by the Grace of God and the Holy Spirit. He would want all the glory to be to God and prayed to be faithful till the end of his short life, which he was. He believed in God's Sovereignty with Christ being the center of all, with sanctification being important as faith in action by the Grace of God as we submit to Him. Arthur took the word of God as a whole entity of God's dealing with man being Gentile, Jew and Body of Christ.

Finally, he lived and saw the Lord Jesus' return as coming any day, and wasted little time focusing on the temporal, but rather on the eternal.

~Bob Wiss


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